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About me

Hello, I'm Alina Fedchenko (Alina F.). I am an expert in wire wrapping jewelry and have been selling my jewelry at craft fairs and on three websites over for 9 years. 
In 2020, when the whole world was forced to go online, I tried myself as a wire wrapping instructor and created my own school, Wire Wrapping Art School by Alina F. 
Some of my students are now successfully selling their products and making a living from it. 
I love teaching and sharing my experience!

In principle, I appreciate handmade products, because each one is unique and inimitable. I really value handicraft skills and the ability to create beauty. 

Изготовление ювелирных изделий

Why I am doing it?

Thanks to my own experience, I also realized that handmade, and in my case, wire wrapping, is an excellent psychological help in difficult periods and times. The ability to create beautiful work adds self-confidence, and the opportunity to sell your products also helps to be confident in the future)))). 
Enjoying the process of inventing a product and creating jewelry, I share these positive emotions with others, teach various wire wrapping techniques to those who are looking for an interesting hobby or want to become a professional and create products for sale. 

In my lessons and courses, I explain in detail how to create a specific decoration. I offer PDF lessons of different difficulty levels. I run a YouTube channel where I also share my video tutorials.


Let do wire art together!

Lately I've been focusing more and more on creating courses for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced skill levels. 
Why do I recommend the courses? All the lessons in the course are structured in such a way that without having any experience at all, starting from scratch, you can train your skills step by step, receiving detailed explanations of common mistakes and avoiding them. After all, sometimes mistakes are so harmful that it becomes difficult to move forward, inspiration is lost and the opportunity to learn mastery slips away.

In my courses, I pay great attention to detail: the features of a particular technique, the difference in the use of certain tools to create a specific element, I talk about the properties of materials, I help in purchasing the right tools and materials for the job, and I always answer questions quickly and carefully concrete questions. 
I like working with people, which is probably why I am always in good company! 
Feel free to ask questions, don’t be afraid of anything, if you are interested in my words, feel free to join and you will succeed! 

Цветной Кристалл
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